Two important components of your residency at Westshire are the
Life Lease Purchase and the Montly Basic Service Fee Agreement

Life Lease Purchase

The Westshire Ranches and the Stratford Homes offer a unique Life Lease Purchase that is a blend of a traditional real estate transaction and rental lease agreement but with minimal property tax obligations. The Life Lease provides a 90% buy-back provision of the original base price paid back to the buyer.

A one-time lease payment provides residents with a long-term right of occupancy which guarantees the lessee a home for as long as they choose to live there. This provides for lessee's rights and obligations without the hassles associated with a conventional real estate purchase.

Monthly Basic Service Fee Agreement

The Monthly Basic Service Fee Agreement is similar to a condominium association fee and this fee may be adjusted annually based on the actual costs to provide services. The agreement has a component that pays the township for police, fire, and emergency services.

The monthly fee includes both interior and exterior maintenance. Lawn mowing, bush and tree trimming; snow removal of sidewalks, driveways and roadway are included. Interior maintenance includes plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and appliance repair or replacement. Our all inclusive maintenance free home plan - including a 24/7 emergency repair service - coordinated by our professional on-site management is designed to make your life as worry-free as possible!